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Need a convincing business sign or slogan? Try our finest quality LED light-up signs for business!


Upload your design/logo & get your light up sign for business now! 

Brand your business with neon sign logo

From a simple “Open” sign to business logos and slogans, there is no better way than a Custom Neon Light Sign to convey a compelling visual message with style. We have helped hundreds of businesses in increasing their brand visibility by turning their logos into eye-catching & affordable custom LED signs for business 

Along with neon business logos, pop art and motivational quotes crafted with neon flex are also a popular part of the business space in today's world. From food trucks, café, nightclubs to salons, gyms and boutiques, neon signs for workspaces give a boost to the presence of every business. 

Send your ideas to our professional team of designers and get a striking custom made neon sign for your business. You can also order custom outdoor neon signs for your storefronts or office entrances.

Neon business sign ideas

Outdoor neon signs for business
Outdoor neon signs for business

Brand your stores, embellish your carts & stalls, and make your spot a landmark with our water & weather resistant outdoor neon signs. You can also choose 'RGB' type for a more eye-catching, flickering and flashing neon sign.

Custom wall logo sign
Custom wall logo sign

You can get your logo turned into a neon sign and hang it on the walls of your office, entrance or inside your workspace. You can also wall mount your sign instead of hanging it, for a more finished and professional look.

Custom logo signs for office
Custom logo signs for office

You don't always have to get a neon sign that is mounted on the walls. You can also mount your commercial neon sign on your office reception. If you want a table size neon sign to embellish your work table, you also have an option of getting a free-standing neon sign.



Firstly, you have to decide either you want to light up your logo or get your slogan turned into a neon sign. You can also get any icon, quote, or phrase turned into a custom neon sign. Once decided, share your ideas with us along with your preferred size and we will design a free mock-up for you. You can proceed further with ordering your neon sign for business once you are satisfied with your mock-up design.

 The cost of your neon sign depends     on a number of factors such as the size of your sign and the font you choose for it. However, an average-sized neon sign can cost you somewhere between $200-$600

Our neon signs are very durable and can last upto 10+ years without flickering or fusing. 

What are neon signs for business made of? 

All Design Neon signs are crafted with durable PVC neon flex that is bright and energy-efficient. These LED neon lights are both child-safe and won’t shatter like glass. LED lights consume 90% less energy than other types of lighting. These are environmentally friendly signs that do not emit harmful gasses or heat up to dangerous temperatures. Our outdoor neon signs are made of material that is resistant to any weather and has IP67 waterproof rating

Turning your business logos into a neon sign is a popular trend to catch customer attention. However, you can also get a catchy slogan, a marketing catch phrase or any icon turned into a business neon sign.