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Why Design Neon Signs with Design Neon?

Trendy | Pocket Friendly | Energy Efficient | Highest Quality | Highly Customized | Extremely Durable

We will beat any prices to get you your dose of neon euphoria!
We use a little noble gas for a big noble act and help the world shine better every day! We make the sparkle and shine handy to everyone by faithfully handcrafting the custom design neon signs that are light on your pockets and bright on your walls.  

You Design, We Create




What material is used to make personalized neon signs?

All Design Neon signs are crafted with durable PVC neon flex that is bright and energy-efficient. These LED neon lights are both child-safe and won’t shatter like glass. LED lights consume 90% less energy than other types of lighting. These are environmentally friendly signs that do not emit harmful gasses or heat up to dangerous temperatures. Our outdoor neon signs are made of material that is resistant to any weather and has IP67 waterproof rating

If you want to hang your new neon sign on the wall, you’ll need only the wall mounting kit that comes with it. You don’t have to buy anything extra to hang your neon sign

Of course! We will design your neon sign according to your budget. Share your design with us via upload form or hit that live chat button in the corner to discuss your design & budget with us.

It takes 7-10 business days for your custom-made neon sign to reach you via our standard free shipping service.


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We carefully hand pack your custom made neon sign and guarantee you a fast, free and safe delivery so you don't have to worry or wait.

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12 Month Warranty

We guard your investment against any manufacturing defects in your LED neon sign by offering replace and resupply solutions within a period of warranty.

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Secure Checkout Method

Just like we give an extra shine to your LED neon sign, we also give an extra layer of security to your online transaction via our secure encrypted 3D check-out method.