Design neon was founded by James in the year 2020. James is a visual artist. Unlike many artists, James's introduction to art was not from his childhood. He was easily deterred by failed attempts at drawing but growing up he embraced the creative process of fruitful failures and beautifully startling results. Incorporating centuries-old neon tube lighting into one of his art pieces was his experimental artwork which was appreciated by his family, friends, and mentors as led neon lights added excitement and energy to his visual art. James began making neon art for local art galleries and from that point forward there was no going back for him! James wanted to make the excitement and shine of the led neon art accessible to everyone's lives with a push of a button so he founded the platform of design neon. James trained a team of luminous artists who enjoy curving neon tubes into artistic shapes. Jame thinks every bearer of ideas ought to be able to unleash their creativity and that is the reason James designed an easy-to-use neon sign maker online tool where you can design your own custom-led neon letters signage.If your idea is anything beyond letters, he has an in-house team of designers and client support who will work with you to let your art meet its shine and will assist you with your dream custom designed neon sign.


Design Neon- home of neon art, is founded by an art enthusiast for the art enthusiasts. We are a team of 25 artisans who are passionate to make led neon light art accessible to everyone across the globe. Our artisans at design neon keenly design the led neon sign collection which is reflective of different art cultures from around the world to entertain the art lover of every taste!

Browse our pre-designed neon signs collection that offers an extensive breadth of art ranging from Britain's pop art to NYC abstract art, all transformed into beautiful and bright neon lights that are perfect to give your space the aesthetic spice!

We live by the philosophy that art connects the admirer to the creator. We pour our passion into creating each piece of neon art whether it is custom neon signs or our aesthetic-led neon signs collection so that you can't help but admire it and make a lifelong bond with us. We are located in London and California and we are dedicated to making a family of art enthusiasts from around the world. We strive each day to be loved a little more every day
by our customers and admirers.

How do we do what we do?

We help you get your dream custom neon sign through our fast and excellent client support system. Our interactive client support team gets into a conversation with you via email, SMS, or call (depending upon your preference) to understand your idea completely. You can speak your mind with them and they will create a free mockup for you. It can be your business logo or your zodiac sign, It can be the skyline of your favorite city or any other picture-worthy neon
icon that you can flaunt on your Instagram. It can be anything you can imagine and our team will transform your imagination into a shiny reality. We have also designed an easy-to-use neon sign maker that enables you to practice your creativity and lets you design a custom neon sign for yourself without having to engage with anyone. You can design a wedding name neon sign or a customized name neon sign that you can gift. You can also make a quote from your favorite book or dialogue from the movie you love as your personalized led neon sign. Our team of neon art experts converts your idea into a bright and blazing LED neon sign that is handcrafted to customize every bit of it. To keep the Neon signage quality high, we use PVC neon flex that is non-heating & ecofriendly. We create your customized LED neon sign that is as cool to touch as cool as it is to have it in your space. We provide you with the most cost-effective, energy-efficient, durable, and aesthetic light art decor option- customized LED neon signs.

What have we been doing?

We have been providing the sparkle, glory, and shine to your ideas for the past 2 years. We have been determinedly working to make an inseparable association of Design Neon with modern-day neon art across the globe by providing custom neon signage to businesses, interior designers, and all other art admirers. We have set numerous spaces aglow for both commercial and residential places. From making businesses to standout to adding aesthetic in your home decors. We have made your favourite skyline into a neon sign in multiple colors; purple color for the dusk time view of the skyline and gold color for the golden hour view of the skyline among multiple other colors so you don’t get late to have a view of the world's most beautiful and bright skyline without having to pay for the flight!  We have made your cocktail hours exciting by creating hundreds of crispy, popping and wild LED neon art that are essential beer gear for creating a thrilling ambiance in your beer bars, homes, clubs or wherever you like to chug a lug! We have also created neon signs which emit good vibes only on your wedding days, birthdays or your regular days so you can give yourself a vibe check through our LED neon artwork created by an environmental positive high-tech PVC flex neon. 

We have been making signs in a variety of colors so that you can pick your Aura matching color and create a vibe that no wicked energy can contaminate.

Have our negativity repellent custom made neon sign and higher your space's vibrations everyday!